Students are able to accelerate their professional development, develop careers following their passions, participate in tailored development training and contribute back to their communities.


University comes first in CareerTrackers. Our program is designed to ensure that university remains the number one priority for our students. Each student is required to check-in with their CareerTrackers Student Advisor on a regular basis to ensure academic progress is being maintained.


Our students will undertake an internship for a minimum of 12-weeks each year throughout their university degree. Each year the students will develop a Learning Contract with their manager and CareerTrackers. Managers also provide a formal performance evaluation on their interns performance setting the student up for a successful future career within the company.


Connecting like-minded students together is core to the CareerTrackers community. All of our students are provided opportunities to develop relationships with other students locally and nationally. Our students and Alumni are encouraged to support one another to continue community building and improve the success of all students in the program.