CareerTrackers Pre-Employment

We provide students with specialised training in a range of areas to better prepare them for employment. The key areas include interview skills, CV compilation, mock interviews/role plays, and confidence building exercises.

Recruitment and Internships

We visit university campuses to meet with students and match them to a company that is aligned to their career interests. The recruitment process develops a pool of students and a range of internship options with leading employers throughout Australia.

Program Development

We work closely with employers to identify and create internship positions within their organisations. This includes developing new programs and advising employers on approaches to modify existing programs to better suit and support Indigenous employees.

Workplace Facilitation, Monitoring and Performance Evaluations

We help interns and employers set workplace goals and objectives for the duration of the internship.  This ensures students receive relevant work, have input into their projects and can be assessed against an agreed work plan. We also provide interns with weekly support on issues that may act as barriers to the successful completion of their duties. At the end of the internship managers will complete a performance evaluation on their intern to provide them with feedback on their strengths and weaknesses, and an action plan for their professional development.


Leadership Development Training

All students receive a minimum of 187.5 hours of leadership development training per annum focusing on Indigenous leadership, personal and professional development and community building. Training topics are centred on workplace acclimation, leadership development, transitioning from university to full-time work and personal development. This training helps ensure success of the program for both the intern and sponsoring company.


During the university semester we meet with students on-campus to assist them with identifying areas of support required to achieve their optimal results in the classroom. These on-campus visits allow CareerTrackers to stay engaged with students throughout the entire year.

Ongoing Support and Mentoring

We remain engaged to support students and their families at home, at university and in the workplace. This is a key element in building trust and providing support where required.  By being the main point of contact for employers we are able to provide specialist expertise in engaging with students and bringing out their full potential.

CareerTrackers Alumni Association

CareerTrackers aims to create a community of Indigenous business professionals to serve as corporate and community role models, creating a stronger, more self-sustaining Indigenous community. Once students have completed their internships they enter into the CareerTrackers Alumni Association where they are given continued personal and professional support, such as Executive Mentoring and peer encouragement. Alumni are also engaged in supporting the next generation of interns.


Many Indigenous employment programs do not recruit employers as well as employees. CareerTrackers is unique in that it meets both employers and intern needs, creating a mutually beneficial employment solution. In particular, the training and development, program monitoring and year-around mentoring we provide make CareerTrackers a highly effective program.