Fortnightly contact with your Student Advisor throughout the year.
Structured monthly meetings with your Student Advisor focused on your personal and professional development.
Ongoing CareerTrackers activities to develop your network of like-minded Indigenous university students.
Access scholarships and other financial assistance.
Dedicated support while working to ensure you are well supported in the workplace.


Develop a career plan utilising world-class tools and processes.
Develop a winning CV.
Complete group and one-on-one interview preparation training to ensure you are ready to earn your internship.
Participate in workshops to prepare you for the professional office environment.
Develop relationships with other students in the program locally and nationally.


Complete a 12-week paid internship each year throughout your degree.
Develop structured workplace goals and objectives with your manager and Student Advisor.
Work in a culturally aware workplace.
Deliver presentations to business leaders and receive formal performance feedback to help you grow.
Receive weekly support from your Student Advisor to ensure you are getting challenging projects at work.


Attend our annual Leadership Development Institute each year throughout your degree.
Complete world-class training programs focused on leadership development.
Prepare for corporate and community leadership.
Network with some of Australia’s most successful industry and community leaders.
Give back as an alumnus and community leader.

2018 Key Dates

Semester 1

Program Orientation
26 February - 31 March
CV Writing and Company Match
5 March - 30 March
Interview Preparation Training
2 April - 18 May
Networking Events
9 April - 26 May
CV Submit
13 April
Corporate Interviews
23 April - 25 May
Winter Kickoff
Adelaide - 1st July, Brisbane - 22nd June, Canberra - 12th June, Melbourne - 12th June, Perth - 24th June, Sydney - 21st June & 28th June
Program Day
Adelaide - 17th July, Brisbane - 19th July, Canberra - 19th July, Melbourne - 12th July, Newcastle - 3rd August, Perth - 24th July, Sydney - 19th July
Winter Internship (National)
25 June - 27 July

Semester 2

Program Orientation
30 July - 31 August
CV Writing and Company Match
13 August - 14 September
Interview Preparation Training
21 September
Networking Events
6 August - 28 September
Corporate Interviews
26 October
Summer Kick-Off
10 November - 18 November
Summer Internship (National)
19 November - 8 February
Program Day
6 December
Christmas Shutdown
24 December - 5 January
Leadership Development Institute (LDI)
30 January - 1 February
Gala Dinner
31 January