The vision of the CareerTrackers Pre-University Program is to leverage our relationships with our employment and community partners to make the transition from high school to university an easier one. Many young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander high school students have an ambition to study at university, however may not have the support available to help them transition to tertiary studies.

CareerTrackers works with current Year 12 students to create an opportunity to intern after they complete their Higher School studies. Students intern for four weeks in January and February before starting their university journey, where they are able to return for future internships. We believe the benefit of becoming a part of the national CareerTrackers community, receiving support from an Advisor & workplace mentor, gaining exposure to a professional work environment and access to scholarship opportunities will ensure they are supported from day one of university - making the transition less daunting.


If you are interested in this program please contact:
Hannah Turnbull
Program Manager
0448 999 284
Carrie Sailor
Program Manager
0447 544 186
Rosie Frecheville
Program Manager
0408 054 917
Fred Purcell
Program Manager