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“I’ve had the privilege to work with giants, experts in their industry, and I’ve taken the skills and experience I’ve gained back to my community.”

George Brown, CareerTrackers 2019 Alumni of the Year

What is CareerTrackers?

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Employers, take note: CareerTrackers Alumni represent a generation of First Nations professionals who will change the landscape – not only of corporate Australia but of the wider Australian society.

We have 11 years of experience of supporting pre-professional First Nations university students and linking them with employers to participate in paid, multi-year internships. Students perform their internships with sponsorship organisations, with the aim of converting from intern into full-time employee upon completion of their university degree. In addition to creating lasting employment opportunities, we provide interns and their sponsoring organisations with year-round support to prepare students for success at university, and in their chosen professions and their communities.

We believe in long-term partnerships. While not every employment partner commits to 10 years, we believe every partner should commit to supporting their intern for multiple years, throughout their degree and beyond. The most successful CareerTrackers partners:

  • Have support from the CEO, Executive Leadership Team and Board.
  • Have a CEO willing to personally engage with CareerTrackers and with her or his interns.
  • Appoint a dedicated person to support the CareerTrackers relationship.
  • Provide CareerTrackers with candid feedback that helps make the program stronger and more resilient.
  • Attend CareerTrackers functions, training events and seminars.
  • Encourage staff to be actively involved in mentoring opportunities of CareerTrackers students.
  • Establish clear workplace goals for interns and provide candid performance feedback at the end of each internship period.

If your organisation is able to make this commitment, please register your interest!

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What is the CareerTrackers Community?

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The CareerTrackers Program is designed to make student interns, employers and communities successful. 100% of CareerTrackers Alumni are employed in professional roles, while 68% were rated in the top performance category in their most recent workplace evaluation. We partner with organisations to focus on student success in three areas: university, work and community.


Students accelerate their professional development, develop careers following their passions, participate in tailored training and contribute to their communities.


Our program ensures that university remains the number one priority for our students. Each student is required to check in with their CareerTrackers Student Advisor on a regular basis to ensure academic progress is being maintained.


Our students undertake an internship for a minimum of 12 weeks each year throughout their degree. Each year the students will develop a Learning Contract with their manager and CareerTrackers. Managers also provide formal evaluations of their interns’ performance, preparing students for a successful future career within the company.


Connecting like-minded students is core to the CareerTrackers community. All of our students are provided opportunities to develop relationships with other students locally and nationally. Our students and Alumni are encouraged to support one another to continue community-building and improve the success of all students in the program.

The program

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