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“I’ve had the privilege to work with giants, experts in their industry, and I’ve taken the skills and experience I’ve gained back to my community.”

George Brown, CareerTrackers 2019 Alumni of the Year

What is CareerTrackers?

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CareerTrackers is a Supply Nation registered, national non-profit that works with Indigenous students from high school and throughout university by linking them with employers for paid, multi-year internships.

Our alumni represent a generation of Indigenous professionals who are changing the landscape of Australian society.

Become an employment partner

The CareerTrackers ecosystem is made up of partnerships that support our community to achieve generational change by creating long-term, sustainable pathways for students to enter professional employment. Our structured internship program links Indigenous students with paid, professional, multi year internships aligned to their career aspirations. We work with students across Australia and from a range of degrees.

We seek employment partners who support the career interests of our students and who strive to create culturally safe and progressive workplaces. Our most successful CareerTrackers partners:

Our most successful CareerTrackers partners:

  • Have support from the CEO, Executive Leadership Team and Board.
  • Have a CEO willing to personally engage with CareerTrackers and the organisation’s interns. .
  • Appoint a dedicated person to support the CareerTrackers relationship.
  • Provide CareerTrackers with candid feedback that helps make the program stronger and more resilient.
  • Attend CareerTrackers functions, training events and seminars.
  • Encourage staff to be actively involved in mentoring opportunities of CareerTrackers students.
  • Establish clear workplace goals for interns and provide candid performance feedback at the end of each internship period.
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Other ways to partner with us

Join the network.

There are a number of other ways you can partner with CareerTrackers to support Indigenous high school and university students, as well as our Alumni community.

Get involved with our other programs

  • High School Program and the Work Shadow Week
  • Alumni Community
  • Women’s Mentoring Program
  • Join our new Friends of CareerTrackers membership

Collaborate with us or volunteer your time

  • Work with us on shared projects
  • Provide access or discounts to your products and services
  • Education in your area of expertise
  • Introduce us to your networks
  • Share your venues for our events and gatherings
  • Attend our events and celebrate success

Provide financial support

  • Sponsor our events and gatherings
  • Talk to us about grants you may have available 

To find out more about alternative partnerships or to register your interest for our Friends of CareerTrackers membership, please contact our Partnerships team at