Gala awards


“I count myself really lucky here, because I was able to put myself ahead of others that were also completing the same degree that I was.”

Jaylon Newchurch, Tarndanya Keynote Speaker 2023

Gala awards

Celebrating Indigenous Excellence.

The CareerTrackers Gala Awards are a celebration of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander excellence in our community. We award and celebrate individuals and organisations who have demonstrated leadership and excellence in the CareerTrackers community. 

For the first time in 2023, CareerTrackers took an in-person, place-based approach to our Gala events across the country. This allowed for each region to celebrate in their hometown, and to recognise the key individuals in their state that have contributed to their local program and community’s success through the Gala Awards.  

Award categories

For each state, awards are presented to winners in the categories below, except for the Partnering for Excellence Awards which are national.

Intern of the Year

The Intern of the Year Award is the most prestigious Gala Award. It is presented to an intern who has demonstrated all-round excellence in the three pillars of CareerTrackers; university, internship and community. This intern exceeds expectations in their degree and internship and is an active and impactful member of the CareerTrackers program.

This intern has displayed the qualities and attributes that will see them become a future leader.

Alumni Excellence Award

The Alumni Excellence Award is presented to a graduate of the CareerTrackers program who is excelling in their career, promoting the overall vision of CareerTrackers and paying it forward by being a positive role model for the next generation of Indigenous professionals.

CEO’s Award

The CEO’s Award celebrates a student who has demonstrated a sustained interest and effort in working toward their personal, professional and academic goals. We invite nominations for students who you believe personify persistence and consistency in their journey to success. 

Project Excellence Award

The Project Excellence Award is jointly presented to an intern and their manager. This award recognises a manager that has provided an intern with an opportunity to deliver a project of great significance to the business, and an intern who has risen to the challenge making a lasting contribution within their sponsoring company.

Community Spirit Award

The Community Spirit Award is presented to an intern who demonstrates an outstanding commitment to their individual community. This intern is a role model for future generations and is an active, positive influence within the CareerTrackers community.

Intern Manager of the Year

The Intern Manager of the Year Award is nominated by interns and presented to a manager who demonstrates the highest level of professional and personal leadership. This Intern Manager is a role model and has contributed to the professional development of their intern(s).

Partnering for Excellence

The Partnering for Excellence Award is presented to three partners (a small, medium and large business) that have thought outside of the box and gone above and beyond to create opportunities in support of the CareerTrackers partnership. These partners have demonstrated values aligned with CareerTrackers’ vision. 

Academic Excellence

The Academic Excellence Award recognises students’ hard work and dedication to their university studies. This award is presented to students who have achieved a distinction average or higher across the year.

2023 award winners