Intern Advisor

Please let us know if you would like to be considered to help deliver the CareerTrackers program as an Intern Advisor. This role is key in engaging students to boost their progress at university, their internship and in our community. Roles open up in our three locations periodically, so your expression of interest will be acknowledged then considered as the need arises.

Sydney - Apply Here


Melbourne - Apply Here

How to apply?

To find out more or submit an application please email All applications must include a CV and cover letter outlining your interest in the role and what you can bring to the team.

We live by one value: STUDENTS @ THE CORE

At CareerTrackers, we work to create meaningful career pathways aligned to our student's passion. Our purpose is to create opportunities that inspire excellence, which is about developing our students into future industry and community leaders so they can become the role models for future generations of Indigenous students. We believe that by creating a strong community of role models we will see more Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders gain degrees at university and pursue their career passions.

Since our inception in 2009 we have grown significantly, and the journey has only just begun. Our offices are based in central locations in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne. Together, our team are working with 1,138 students, 86 employment partners and 37 different universities.

Our role is to support our students to excel in our 3 pillars; university, their internship and in our community. Our main goal is to support students to graduate from university and obtain an opportunity to enter graduate employment which we are achieving at an 89% success rate - this means more Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander professionals who are the next leaders!